Wiz Khalifa’s Beautiful Album Rolling Papers

Wiz tells us where the idea comes from:

It is an appropriate title. It’s called Rolling Papers, like the papers you roll, the papers I roll, the papers we smoke. But it’s deeper. I thought it was a good idea. It’s not just marijuana. It’s something more important.My career has taken off when I started smoking marijuana rolled with the papers.

The second reason I called Rolling Papers was that when I left Warner Bros., in a way I had my papers. I rolled the contract, and I smoked it … ”

It’s Wiz’s best Album !!!

Aside from the many beautiful songs, a special album is recognized when listening to the songs one after the other, the beautiful songs become even more beautiful and Wiz tells us a story of marijuana, papers, fun, … its success a nice story.

My special playlist starts with the song 7 – The Race – The world is turning the weed is burning …  and continues until the end of the album.

Click and Play from song number 7 !!!


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