Why Liquid Fertilizers are a Scam?

Because they are less valuable then your Pee,  …ASK Google:

When you buy a Fertilizer you buy it for the Nitrogen, Phosporous and Potassium content, the NPK content of Commercial Cannabis Fertilizers is … read it on the label:

NPK  Liquid Cannabis Fertilizer vs Urine

Liquid Cannabis Fertilizer Urine
N – Nitrogen 2-4 11
P – Phosphorus 1 1
K – Potassium 2-4 2.5

They have similar Potassium and Phosphorous content, Pee has 3 times as much Nitrogen. The Nitrogen content is actually nearly the same as Real Fertilizers. We call real the fertilizers used in agriculture, they have NKP: 15-15-15 or 15-30-30.

All their label, colored fertilizing scheduled are to deceive you and to hide the real value that is ZERO, they buy Ads, they fill crappy magazines to give sense to a SCAM

Why are we so Silly?

It is not ignorance:

  • we all know that Pee contains Nitrogen and that the terrible smell of dry urine is Nitrogen degrading to Ammonia.
  • we all know that Urea is a fertilizer and it is the fertilizer with the highest Nitrogen content.
It is because we did grow up and live in the Western World: our economic system is based on wasting natural resources and we have been thought this since we born and we never consider any alternative.

We buy a fertilizer that is less valuable then urine and we throw our valuable urine, moreover, in order to “Fix” Nitrogen, chemical plants needs a lot of energy so we are also wasting energy beside wasting money. Moreover, in order to move something less valuable then urine they waste more energy.Moreover they move something less valuable then urine with a truck and to build a truck you need iron and a lot of energy.

We can say that the cannabis fertilizer business does make less sense than the bottled water business: somewhere we need bottles of potable water but we do not need this dirty water – sold a as fertilizer – priced as much as 10 Euro per liter.

Most of western economy does not make any sense, it consumes the planet, we are not in 1800 and we are 9 billion people – everything has to change or there is no future.

Recycling and Reusing vs Consuming and Wasting.

How to use Urine as a Fertilizer?

  • Dilute 1:10 and use for watering
  • Dilute 1:20 as a foliage spray or for seedlings

Urine is good till flowering, then do not buy a liquid cannabis specific fertilizer go to the local agricultural supply store and get something REAL, CHEAPER and BETTER. For the flowering stage you need: something with higher K Potassium and P Phosphorous and lower Nitrogen i.e. 15-30-30. And if you grow commercially see what you save and send us a Gift or Support our …Shop

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