War on Marijuana What does a Nobel Laureate Says?

Dario Fo (and family) are making an appeal for the legalization of marijuana, at least for therapeutic purposes.


The ban on consuming marijuana is a madness. The reasons are obvious. Sorry if we say it but who are opposed to legalization do not make a good figure. First, all marijuana is not a heavy drug. Its effect is lower than that of alcohol.

Alcohol gives Physical addiction marijuana no. Alcohol causes thousands of deaths per year for the damage it causes to the body, marijuana causes ZERO. There is a deadly dose of alcohol, for marijuana, there is no deadly dose you can really absorb, you fall asleep first (i.e. to kill yourself with marijuana you need 100Kg and you have to get it thrown in the head from the sixth floor).

Alcohol causes much of the road accidents: hundreds of deaths, thousands of injured and billions of damage; Who smokes marijuana is a more cautious driver, over 60 kilometres of speeds feels embarrassed. The drunkards are often violent, the cannabis smile a bit angelic and do not even react when they get provoked about their mother’s sexual conduct.

It is not true that marijuana consumption causes cocaine and heroin consumption. In Holland, where consumption has been legal for 30 years, the number of drug addicts is below the European average.

By contrast, the fact that marijuana has been declared illegal allows mafia organizations controlling the market to pocket astronomical sums of money to pollute the Italian economic and social system. Looking at what happened in America through alcohol prohibition, you can understand that the first thing to do if you want to fight drugs is to legalize them to take the traffic off the mafia’s hands. And in this case, we are not talking about marijuana alone but about all illegal drugs. And although we compare the effects of marijuana with those of tobacco, it comes out that the latter is far more toxic and harmful.

With all this, we do not want to say that Indian hemp is good for you. It’s an intoxicant and, like coffee, the and pepper has adverse effects on the human body. We have always supported it. But, lately, we have been baffled in front of some of the experiences we have witnessed.

One of our relatives, who reached 70 years without having psychedelic experiences, a normal lady, in short, began to suffer greatly from a malady called “burning mouth”, a burning disorder that, despite the name, has nothing erotic And it is rather painful. She visited the best specialists, she did every kind of cure to spend 35.000Euro in 3 years, between clinical tests and medications. She was desperate, then a young doctor said to her, “Lady, make a nice can of marijuana without tobacco.” This relative has followed the advice of the doctor and in a few days he is cured and is also in good mood. Hers daily joint replaced anxiolytic and antidepressant drugs.

Another of our friend, seriously ill with a tumor, was, moreover, destroyed by chemotherapy. Every two days he took 6 Zofran tablets (cost 100Euro). But he could not eat anything, he would vomit everything. Then he remembered reading about the incredible therapeutic effects of Cannabis to mitigate chemotherapy nausea. After some problems to find some of this forbidden herb. He can buy 25Euro, stop taking Zofran and instead make half a litre of marijuana herbal tea. He drinks 2 fingers every time he gets nauseated. He resumed eating and even the pains are almost gone.

In short, sometimes marijuana is good.

Even those who are against the legalization of marijuana might agree on a law that would prescribe it for therapeutic purposes and sell it to a pharmacy (as in Switzerland and California) as it has been said to have side effects infinitely. Milder than other medicines and works much better. And if sold legally it could cost less than 1 EURO per gramme. And you could use plant waste to feed calves. Much better than feeding them with powdered beef.

The Mad Cow is dangerous, The Stoned Cow NO

Dario Fo, Franca Rame e Jacopo Fo

Stoned Cow
Stoned Cow

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