All Types of Lighter Flames: the warmest flame, up to 2500 C

There are lighters with different types of flames, double flame or mixed, and the sophisticated smoker chooses the lighter suitable for the type of pipe you use, for cigarettes you will choose natural flame lighters, for cigars will surely be better a torch lighter.

Thin needle flame

Torch – thin needle flame
These are the lighter with the warmest flame, up to 2500 C, the gas gets mixed with air after the nozzle but before it lights up and here is the oxidic flame effect, even if bent the flame remains like a thin needle and follows the direction of the nozzle, therefore, they are particularly suitable for cigars, pipes. And also to revive the charcoal of the Narghile.


Cone flame, it resists and ignites even with strong wind.

Wind resistant – wide cone shaped flame
The flame is wider than then the flame of torch lighter, it ignites cigars in a few seconds and cigarettes in less than a second. The flame goes upwards and it is better to hold them vertically.

They can be used in any weather condition, near the nozzle there is a coil that can ignite the gas again in extreme conditions. A real survival lighter needs to have this type of flame.

Large cone-shaped flame, red or green

Red or Green Flame
Once lit it the flame colour is blue,  then it becomes red or bright green because there is a catalyst on the coil that changes the colour of the flame.

They are equivalent to a torch or wind resistant lighters, the only difference is aesthetic.

Normal flame

Natural Flame
 This is the flame of all traditional lighters where the gas does not mix with air before combustion. They are suitable for cigarettes, light candles, …

Noteworthy are normal lighters with lateral flame.

Triple flame torch

Double, Triple Torch

Heating up a titanium nail with a torch lighter, when red it is ready to vaporize almost anything

Lighters with two, three flames are those that reach the highest temperatures, they light up anything in the shortest time. They are useful to heat the nail of oil bongs till they are glowing, then you can vaporize anything you want.


They are also useful for lighting large cigars, with wooden pipes – you have to be careful not to damage them.

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