The History of Feminized Seeds

In principle, by experience, it was found that female hermaphrodites produced stable feminized seeds, then came the method of senescence described by Soma, and finally the evolution of hormonal treatments has led us to the present situation: everyone can produce 100% female seeds. Reading recommended to the intermediate growers.

Ermaphrodite Female

This “revolution” takes place between 1995 and 2005, until 2005 only Dutch Passion produced quality feminized seeds in commercial quantities.

How Feminized Seeds are Produced

Feminized Seeds are produced by forcing a normal female, not a hermaphrodite, to produce pollen, this pollen is harvested and used to produce seeds. This pollen contains only X chromosomes because the plant does not have chromosomes Y and the result will be only female daughters

The female seeds are not as mysterious or strange as they might seem. When men are given women’s hormones, breasts grow, the profile is more round and their voice change, and the sex – that is already developed – retreats. When the treatment is suspended, gradually the male traits gradually recur.

The same thing happens in plants treated with masculinizing chemicals. The difference between plants and humans is that the sexual organs in plants are not yet formed while for men it is. Each time a plant has a new flower, the plant has produced a new sexual organ, the flowers are males but the plant still is a female with the two X chromosomes and so the pollen has two X chromosomes.

Methods to Produce 100% Female Seeds

Everything happens between 1995 and 2005 but is written on books or articles between 2003 and 2008

I Love It by Michael D. Meredith 2003

With the Pollen of Ermaphrodites
Michael D. Meredith: I was convinced that the seeds were actually 100% females and wanted to know how to make 100% female seeds. To make it simple, I will not be talking about XX, XY or XYY chromosomes because it’s too complicated, it’s easier to describe the plants suitable for semi-female production. First of all, you need a hermaphrodite but it’s not about finding any hermaphrodite.

I divide hermaphrodites into 3 categories: in the first category belong those plants that have more male then female flowers, these are male hermaphrodites and are not usable. In the second group belong plants that have an equal number of male and female flowers, I call these 50% hermaphrodites and can not be used. With the third group I have had good results, these hermaphrodites have no more than 5-10% of male flowers and are the hardest to discover.

I have undertaken many researches, and I can assert in all honesty that it is possible to produce seeds with female plants. It also found an hermaphrodite who, although pollinated, did not produce any seed, the explanation is that it was a sterile hermaphrodite. By doing my experiments I’ve come up with some good varietals. The most important thing is to find the right hermaphrodites, otherwise the seeds will produce a wild mixture of male, female and hermaphrodite plants

2005 The Soma Way of Female Seeds 2005

Age Feminization Technique AFT
i.e. with the pollen of an ermaphrodite due to senescence.

Soma: I’ve grown some varieties for over 10 years and now I can interpret any detail that my plants exhibit, I can recognize them from a distance.

Harvest after harvest, I noticed that if I left the plants blooming for another 10-14 days they developed some male flowers that have the property to produce feminized seeds

At this point you can pick up pollen, place it in a freezer, and – when you have other plants – you pollinate them with this pollen or put the plant with florets in a growroom with vegetating females, turn on the fans and they will produce feminized seeds.


Soma’s Tip : When you spot the male flower – due to senescence – do not miss the opportunity! Collect pollen and pollinate the low branches of the plants of your next harvest. So you smoke the finest upper buds and those that take less light will produce feminized seeds.


Interview with Henk van Dalen, founder and owner of Dutch Passion,  published on Canhamo 2008

With Masculinizing Chemicals
Henk van Dalen: At the beginning of the 1990s, Ed Rosental wrote an article about Females Seeds and I began experimenting with various varieties.
I grew female plants, and I let them bloom until male small flowers appeared.

I started to sell seeds produced this way in the German market in 1994/1995 – then it was still legal to sell seeds in Germany – the result was great, we sold them all. Since pollen production with the method described above was very poor, the amount of seeds I could produce was very limited, producing 1000 seeds was a big job.

The problem now was how to produce abundant female pollen?

I found the answer: at the University of Wageningen , research on this subject had been made on other species, for example with cucumber. It seemed that vegetable hormones and other less complex products could influence the physiology and morphology of plant. It took between one and two years to test the various hormones and other products and increase pollen production. Today we can produce all the feminine pollen we want without stressing the plants.

Those interested in the subject can easily find companies selling “Feminizing Solutions”. Gibberellin , Silver Thiosulfate and Colloidal Silver.

Article by Shanti Baba Mr Nice Seeds 2017

Shanti Baba: Feminized seed can never be considered as an organic seed and its main application is to duplicate the plant – cloning seeds instead of cloning by making cuttings – and not developing new varieties

Female seeds are likely to become hermaphrodites, and in practice, unlike what the theory says, they can show both sexes in a single plant, with all the problems that arise from having a hermaphrodite and getting the flowers full of seeds.

A much safer way to eliminate any possibility of genetic weakness and the possibility of hermaphroditism to pollinate a female other than that used to produce male flowers. So if you have selected 5 of the best female clones of a regular strain and want to get a female seed from these, you should choose a plant A as a female mother and sprinkle chemicals on plants B, C, D, E to get male pollen and pollen fertilize plant A. The amount of pollen is usually very small for this we talk about 4 plants to produce pollen and 1 single to fertilize

Mr Nice Seeds Bank does not sell feminized seeds.

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