How to prepare an Hookah?

Before starting, rinse all thoroughly, in order to remove the dust and small residues of tobacco and any smell.

1. Fill the water jar so that the stem is immersed at least 3cm.

You can also add ice to the jar and then add water to the indicated level and the smoke will be cooler.
You can also put the jar in the freezer to cool it, if it’s winter you can simply keep it on the balcony and if there is snow make small “balls” of snow and use them instead of ice.

2. Mount the body of the hookah taking care that the hokkah it is watertight. Screwable hukkah are better then imbedable ones.

3. Mount the tray and the tube.

4. Prepare the bowl with the tobacco. This is the most delicate step, do not press the tobacco but make sure that it is chopped and that there is air between the pieces so that the hot air can pass through the tobacco and roast it on all sides.

Or crumble the tobacco from above and at the end with your finger and make a small hole in the middle, so that the shape is a donut.

5. Prepare the aluminum foil 5 cm larger than the diameter of the bowl
Put the shiny part down and fold the wings.

6. Practice small holes with a sharp object, the hookah pliers have a metal awl.
Start to make a hole in the center then make circles, three circles are enough for a normal smoke.


If you want to make stronger shots, make 2 bigger holes near the edge of the bowl and make a hole in the tobacco. More holes do not necessarily mean more smoke, more holes means more oxygen that will roast the tobacco faster, if you make too many holes tobacco burns and you will smell it. if you make too few holes, the tobacco does not burn roast.

7. Light the charcoal and place it on the foil, place it a little to the side, make 2 deep shots to light the hookah and once the first coal is finished, put another one on the other side.

Tips Wash the hookah well after every smoke, especially if you change the taste of molasses frequently. The tobacco is not burned so the smell of the hookah has nothing to do with that of a dirty ashtray or a dirty bong, to clean it is enough running water, do not need soaps, do not need cleaning brushes if you wash it frequently.

Wash the hose every week, the best thing is to leave it overnight in the full sink, do not put the pot and the tube in the same basin because you will dirty the hose.

After trying the different tastes, try to combine the tastes between them

* Mint & Melon
* Strawberry & Banana
* Cheery & Cola
* Mango & Peach

For a more fruity aroma and a more aromatic smell, put fruit in the jar, the lemon will taste more but also try strawberries or raspberries.

Add ice if you want a smoother smoke.

Depending on your mood or taste, you can add liquids to the water of the vase, such as wine, vodka or orange juice.

* If you want to try the wine, use white wine for lighter and fresh flavors like mint and instead use red wine for stronger tastes like grapes or double apple
* Vodka adds aroma of licorice, it pairs well with melon, apple, mint, apricot, ..
* You do not have to fill the whole wine or vodka jar, one or two glasses are enough.

Hashish and the grass are smoked mixed with flavored tobaccos, the smoke of grass will be similar to a light bong and without the hit, while the hashish will make the experience more relaxing.

And if I have not been clear enough and you have doubts about the preparation Search for a Video and everything becomes simple … Go to You Tube