How to make a Gravity Bong

Smoking without Rolling Papers

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The classic bucket bong, simple, functional and very powerful !!!

More powerful than 1 Chillum or 1 Bong, you only need 1 bottle of plastic and a bucket, if you have a carafe – like that in the photo – it is more convenient and handy.

You need a plastic bottle and a jug, or a bucket or another bottle larger than the bottle with the bowl.
Cut the bottom of the bottle.
With a square of foil paper make a sort of cap, press gently with your thumb and make some small holes.
Fill it with water and put the bottle in the jug.
Load your mix
Light and slowly raise the bottle until the whole mixture is burned and the bottle fills with smoke. Stop before the bottle comes out of the water and remove the bowl.
Put your mouth on the bottle, slightly raise the bottle from the jug and inhale – or – inhale while slowly dropping the bottle into the jug so water pushes the smoke.


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