How to make a Bong with a Bottle and a Pen?

Smoking without Rolling Papers

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A bit more laborious but what you get is a real bong, you only need 1 plastic bottle and 1 pen.

Take a plastic bottle, we recommend a bottle of 1.5l but any bottle would do the job, it depends on your lungs and what you want to smoke. More precious is your mix, the smaller the bottle.

Dismantle the pen, you only need the straw.
With a cutter or scissor, make a hole – small – at about 1/3 of the bottle starting from the bottom. Insert the straw if the hole is tight,  is easier to seal.
At about half, make the carb hole.
With the adhesive tape fixed the bowl, if you do not have it ready you can do it with Alufoil. Fix the pen i.e. our downpipe, with some strips of adhesive tape make sure there are no leaks where the straw enters the bottle.
Fill in with water – more or less – up to 1/5.
Load and Light !!!

Valid method, the bottle bong is virtually equivalent to an acrylic bong, you can reuse it and use it all the evening then it is better to throw it because of the toxic smell 

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