Smoke Tricks: French Inhale and Smoke Rings

Check this Video – French Inhale – with Wiz and Snoop performing the 2 main smoke tricks and then we try to explain the trick behind and you should be able to learn and surprise your friends.



    • These are aesthetic tricks, basically, you lose the smoke so, it is not worth to learn and try them with a good joint.
  • Moreover, it is much better to play with the smoke from a vaporizer, a shisha or from a classic pipe then the smoke of a joint, because the smoke of a joint is hotter and would dissolve more quickly. The smoke of a vape, shisha is also more foggy, dense, thicker.
French inhale

French inhale
This trick does not require any special skills beside coordination. You need to push the smoke out of your mouth, without breathing out and as soon as it out, you draw it in from your nose.

When you do it properly it looks like an upside down waterfall.

It is called double inhalation: when you inhale, then you hold the smoke in the mouth and you do the same trick.

Smoke rings:  O shaped mouth and curl your lips on the inside.

Smoke Rings
In this trick, you lose 100% of the smoke because you can not do smoke rings if you breathe out.

What are smoke rings? They are a geometrical toroid or if you want it easier a doughnut.

Easy method: when you have the mouth full of smoke, tap your cheek – with an O shaped mouth – exactly the same as Wiz – and here you are, anybody can make small smoke rings.

To make a bigger smoke ring you need to blow out – without breathing out but coughing out –  then the drag due your lips slows the outside of the short puff, this will create the rotation that will make the ring and then keeps the smoke together. You do not need to move your tongue that you can keep at the back of your mouth.

If it is not clear, look at this Video, there are actually 5 ways or may be more to make smoke rings, the above methods are just the easiest.

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