Tulip Joint

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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In Amsterdam it often happens to see some locals with their own (often already lit) Tulip, a Dutch specialty. Easier to make then it seems.

Make a filter of the length and thickness of a pen and wrap it with two papers

Take two large rolling papers and stick them together to make a square.

Fold the paper – corner A to corner B – forming a triangle, do not cover the gummed band

Wet the glue and fold the gummed band, stick it to the paper.

You should have got something like a funnel. Open the cone and fill it with a good dose of mix.
Gently curl the excess paper at the end of the cone.

Insert the filter into the cone and tighten it between the curled paper.

Finally, tighten the filter with a rubber band or thread

And a tulip blossomed !!!

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