The Joker

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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A joint that seems to last forever, the Joker is an extra large cone guaranteed to spread a grin from ear-to-ear without straining the finger muscles.

Stick two papers together overlapping a short strip of rubber strip

Take a third paper, fold it in two, leaving the gummed strip on the outside.
Wet the glue and and sandwich the folded paper firmly between the other two as shown.
Before the glue dries pull the paper out. It should have left enough glue to stick the others together.

Stick a fourth paper to the lower, right-hand edge of the joint as shown.
Add a fifth paper to the end of the joint as shown.
Create a more triangular shape by tearing the fourth paper diagonally in half. Refolding the papers along the centre of this triangle will also ease rolling.
To support the extra length, ask your friend to help, with 4 hands it is easier !

Prepare for top-notch entertainment with the Joker!

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