Stealth Joint or Secret Agent

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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Smoking a joint often requires a bit of discretion. If you need a clandestine toke, roll yourself a Stealth Joint – this is called The Secret Agent – and remember to smoke it always downwind.

Take a cigarette,  roll the filter while pressing it  with your fingers and then pull it out with your nails or with your teeth after
Replace the cigarette filter with a cardboard filter of the same diameter and the same length.
Now cut the cigarette with a sharp knife leaving at about 1cm from the filter.
Prepare your preferred mix

Roll the joint with the ‘filter’ protruding from the end.
You may need to secure the bogus filter with a gummed strip torn from another paper.

And here’s a joint that looks like a normal cigarette, it’s worth repeating to smoke it downwind !!!

A method similar to emptying and stuffing a normal cigarette

Roll the cig between your fingers to loosen the tobacco and get it all out. Then you have a totally empty cigarette. Now just drop your ground up weed in from the top and pack it down a little with a pen or something, then when it’s full, add a thin tobacco layer and it looks like a normal cigarette.


  • Cigarette paper burns way faster than weed, so you will be wasting a lot. To make a reasonable joint you need to press the mix, do not press too much or it will be difficult to puff.
  • If you are used to long papers, a joint is the same as 2 of this tricky cigarettes.
  • It is quite boring to make, it is worth doing only when you have cigarettes but have no rolling papers.


  • It is stealth joint, the joint looks like a normal cigarette.
  • You can keep it in the cigarette pack and when you want to smoke replace the filter as explained at the beginning and light it on.


Buy for a few dollars a …box of 100/200/400 empty tubes that you can fill  – easily and quick – with this machine.

Tubes also have the Marlboro writing !!!
The cigarette cellulose filter stops almost all THC, always remove at least half of it.

You can, therefore, reserve part of the cigarette box to the tricky cigarettes and part to the regular cigarettes.

Be careful not to confuse them, smoke always downwind or they can smell your joint !!!


Al and Bob are smoking a joint – the wind blows from south i.e. from the bottom – who gets caught by the policeman?

Upwind / Downwind

The wind reaches first Al, then the policeman and finally Bob.

  • Al is upwind to the policeman and Bob.
  • The policeman is downwind in respect to Al, he smells the joint of Al and catch him, but he is upwind in respect to Bob.
  • Bob is downwind, Bob who can not be caught for the smell of the joint he is smoking.

If you do not want other people to realize what you are smoking, always smoke downwind !!!

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