Rolling with Papers without Gum

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Gummed papers exist since 1942 when Rizla acquired a patent to apply a glue strip on rolling papers.

If you read  …the History of Rolling Papers you know that humanity has rolled for centuries without glue, then in 1942 the rolling papers come with glue and – accustomed to this luxury – we forget that you can close any rolling papers simply by using saliva.

What is the secret?

Moist the rolling paper well 2 times on both side along the seal line.

This way you can close any papers and you can even roll with a paper towel or phonebook.

To be sure not to write nonsense I just tried to close a glossy – slow burning papers – like RAW not using the glue and it works !!!

Let’s take a rolling paper, on this side there is no glue
Moist along the red line
Before closing, also moisten the other side.

The first times pass repeatedly your finger on the contact line and wait for the saliva to be dry enough before lighting. If the paper dries completely, the cigarette opens again.

This is because RAW is a slow burning papers, rolling papers similar to cigarette paper do close perfectly and remain closed.

With a bit of practice you can even …roll inside-out.

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