Types and Measures of Rolling Papers, there are 1000+ different types

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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On the market there are 1000 different types of rolling papers, we can divide them into two main types:

  • Slow burning rolling papers: once you light the cigarette, if you do not smoke it shuts off. They are thinner – 13-14 gr / m2 and are indicated for dry tobacco.
  • Free burning rolling papers: one you light the cigarette – whether you smoke or not – it burns on its own. Paper is similar to the paper cigarettes are made off, it is a thicker paper 18 – 23 gr / m2.

They are indicated for wet or semi-wet tobaccos or mixtures. If you use them with dry tobacco: the paper burns faster than the mix and the cigarette / joint ends immediately and half of if gets smoked by the wind. Cigarettes are made with this paper to make you smoke more.

If you plan to make a cigarette with something valuable, better the slow burning papers – almost all long rolling papers are slow burning, only few short are free burning.

Today there are thousands of types of rolling papers , more or less advanced, consisting of a thin sheet of Linen, Rice or Hemp paper, and a glue strip that allows you to close the cigarette easily. In the our Shop we have over 500 different types of papers, ranging between 70 and 110mm and with widths between the 37mm of the Smoking Master – the narrowest – that you do not need to cut to the 50mm of the King Size. Of course you find a bit of everything … Extra Long, Extreme Extra. Outside Europe there are smoking papers in Bamboo and Palm paper.

Image comparing the various rolling papers formats

Characteristics of smoking papers

The characteristics vary depending on the fiber used to make paper, briefly hemp papers, i.e. RAW, are the most durable, those in rice, i.e. Elements,  are the slowest to burn and produce less ash and the linen papers are the lighter ones. The material used does not really matter, many of the modern papers like the OCB Premium use a mix of linen and rice. Lately the fiber it is not even written on the booklet.

The notable achievement was the paper press that allowed to produce ultra-thin papers, paper with a weight less then 13g for square meter. 10 years ago – only – big brands own this technology. Now it is not so exclusive and price of premium papers is going down.

Unique are transparent papers made of cellulose: for the aesthetics in fact they allow to see the contents and for the feeling when you handle your joint.

Transparent joint
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