Roll On from Trinidad

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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People from Trinidad – first –  do not mix grass and tobacco but after the joint – usually – they smoke a cigarette.

So in Trinidad, people do smoke a Roll On i.e. a Joint Rolled On the cigarette.

Cut the tip of the cigarette and load properly

Roll the joint on the cigarette.
The cigarette is softer than a filter so you have to roll tight or it will leak some smoke
Done – Light it and when the joint finishes it light up the cigarette that – now – magically has the aroma of grass.

And the Roll On when you smoke the grass is called Funk.

Recommended for Tobacco Smokers

If you do, try the roll on and you do not feel the high: remove the filter or at least half of the filter from the cigarette

The video does not mention this particular but the filters – especially those of light cigarettes – stop almost all THC. A small filter such as the Zwister is, instead, suitable for joints.

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