Rocket Joint

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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The bigger brother of the Tulip (spoken by personal experience). It’s not very easy to roll but once you’ve learned the technique you can prepare a missile worthy of a king.

Moist the glue and stick two papers toghether and get a square with glue line along one side.

Fold the paper – corner A to corner B – forming a triangle, do not cover the gummed band

Wet the glue and fold the gummed band, stick it to the paper
You should have got something like a funnel. Open the cone and fill it with a good dose of mix.


Now, take another two king size papers and stick them together at 45 ° angle.
Add a good load of herbs or tobacco and a .…big filter.
Delicately cut off any excess paper from the joint and the cone by finishing the paper exactly in line with the tobacco.

Finally, join the two pieces with gummed bands taken from other papers.

Here you are a Rocket Joint !


In other words it is a Fat Joint, the hard part is the Tip that we can also omit, and instead of the Tip we add 1 rolling papers and we increase the diameter of the filter

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