Pouch Joint by Wiz Khalifa

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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Nothing to say – when talking about Joints – Wiz has something to teach: no one fills the Joint like Wiz!

Wiz smokes 30 grams a day, here is the secret. He invented a special rolling method or he can not – every day – smoke 30 grams.

Wiz smokes only Pure Marijuana and uses only Bong or …Rolling Papers, he is against Blunts and tobacco mix, Wiz says that if he smokes this way, he wakes up fresh every morning, instead if he smokes with tobacco or blunts he does not feel so good.

Wiz recommends long slow burning rolling papers

Fold the paper in half with glue inside. The bent is on your left side, the glue on the right

Twist the upper left corner between your fingers
So to close this end and create a sort of pouch
And with the pouch you can load to the maximum, without leaking the mix
Start rolling from the closed end
Lick the glue up to the middle of the joint
Tighten the other half  [you still have to put the filter]
Take a cardboard tip: bend 3 times and roll
Here’s a W filter
Insert the filter
Tighten the paper, screwing the filter

Lick and Close

Cut the excess paper by biting the tip
Light-it !!!

And for those who are not yet skilled in rolling and want to roll like Wiz we have the Pouch Papers. We therefore suggest to call this Joint: Pouch Joint.

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And if this guide is not clear enough look at this video

How to Roll the Perfect Joint with Wiz Khalifa

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