Inside-out Joint

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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How to make an Inside-out Joint, Backflip Joint, a Backwards Joint, Backflip Rolling or Reverse Roll.

Reverse Roll is a basic method to smoke less paper. Everyone should learn it if you do not already practice it.

The gum line is in front of you, Flip the paper.

Now the gum line is facing down, add your mixture.
Add a Filter, Roll and when you see the gum line, lick the gum through the paper.
Done! Let it dry and Gently tear the excess paper

You can also burn excess paper. In this case the trick is to dampen the paper over the gum strip so that the flame goes off when it reaches the glue. If you do not do so, the flame burns the paper and opens the joint again.


Rolling this way you smoke less paper, the joint tastes better !!!

Is it more difficult to reverse rolling?

Sure it is a technique that requires more practice than the classic one. But it’s a technique that everyone can learn.


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