How to Make a Cannabis Cigar

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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A pure cannabis cigar, Cannagar, is the ultimate joint but the ingredients can be  hard-to-get . So keep in mind that when it is harvest time you can make also Cannabis Cigars


First, find a bamboo stick, carefully coat it with …liquid cannabis resin oil.

Wrap the coated stick with small, uncured, ‘top’ leaves, taking care to remove any stems.

Secure the leaves with a thread and coat with more liquid resin. Leave the cigar to dry in the dark, in a dry and warm place for a day or so.

Remove the thread and repeat the entire process. Use progressively larger cannabis leaves until the cigar is fat enough.

Use large ‘sun’ leaves to seal the cigar

Apply a final coat of cannabis resin and secure with more thread.


Let the finished cigars dry, in two to three weeks, they should be ready to smoke.

When drying is complete, remove the thread and carefully pull the bamboo stick from inside the cigar to create a smoking tube.

Keep your cigars in a closed and dry metal box, the more you wait the better will be the taste !!!


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