Diamond Joint

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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Once mastered, the joint rolling technique opens a realm of possibilities for weird and wonderful creations. The Diamond is a good start and when made with care smokes surprisingly well.

Roll a straight, fat, well-pressed joint and cut it in half using scissors or a knife.

Roll another two identical joints, without filter and a little thinner than the first one. Do not press the mixture much so that they can bend later on. Consistency is important: the two joint must burn at the same speed

Remove the excess paper from all 4 joints so that the tobacco and the paper end together.
Cut ten gummed strips from ten rolling papers and put them aside

Now the toughest part … Join the two thin joints to the part of the first rolled with the filtre (must be attached to the part NOT containing the filter) and then seal with gummed stripes.

Gently bend the two joints in the middle so that their ends come into contact

Finally, attach the last joint at the end of the diamond as shown in the figure and wrap with other gummed stripes.

You’ve finally made a diamond !!!

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