Cross Joints

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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Three ways to heaven! Okay, okay, it is fiddly to make but you can use it again and again.

Make a long and wide filter as wide as a pen pencil and seal it with tape or a gum thorn from another paper.

Cut two large, circular holes on either side of the filter, at about three centimetres from the end.
Make a second filter, half the length of the first, but slightly narrower.Cut the biggest possible hole you can make through the centre of the second roach.

Join the two roaches by inserting the second tube through the hole you made in the first. Rotate the smaller tube until the central smoke hole is in line with the larger tube. If you can see through all the tubes then you’ve done it.

Carefully seal the roaches with tape or gummed strips. Keep bandaging until you are sure that the cross is airtight.

To use the roach simply add your choice of joints to the protruding ends. Any joints will work although it helps if they burn at the same rate.

Here is a Cross joint!


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