Braided or Twisted Joints

The Illustrated Roller Handbook

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One of the toughest joint to make but also one of the most beautiful aesthetically.

To be smoked with friends as 1 braid joint is made of 3 joints.

Start rolling 3 joints – with your favorite LONG papers without a filter, do not roll too tight otherwise they will break when you tie them.

Make a braid with the 3 joints, the first time ask a friend to help you
Wrap the tip with a stripe of paper with glue
Wrap the other end with a paper tip
Cut a paper  1cm wider the filter wrap the filter to give stiffness to the filter.
If it is not stable enough, wrap the filter with anothera stripe of paper with glue

Here’s a Braid Joint

To make a longer joint, use …rolls, or use …30cm rolling papers or if you have time you can join two papers as explained …here.


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