The Illustrated Roller Handbook


Finally available online The Illustrated Roller Handbook many methods, more or less original, to roll a joint as you should. Each method is provided with explanatory images to make it easier to learn and if available a video.

This Manual is continually updated … Are we missing something?

Please email to your favourite rolling method with photos or drawings and we will post it here with credits.

  • Very easy
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult
  • Really Complicated

a Joint is made with a minimum of 0.4g of grass and 0.8g of tobacco.

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Snoop: Smoke the weed, everyday, Don’t smoke the seeds, no way
Be careful of the seeds you show, If you wanna see a strong tree grow …Watch the Video

…and in case you smoke a seed, take a and cut the tip of the Joint!

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