How to Make Cannabis or Hash Oil, the Traditional Moroccan Method

NextGhost: after my last harvest ended  Just before Christmas 2002, I thought I was going to make some pure oil, just for the satisfaction of doing it, so I took some kitchen utensils like:
:: 1 Oval bowl
:: 1 Disposable aluminum container
:: 1 Glass jar with lid
:: 1 Liter of 95 / 97th pure-alcool (from the supermarket)
:: gr.35 Of scrap foliage

:: gr.10 of stems with some little buds 
:: gr.8 Of beautiful buds
:: other waste material.


Alcohol fumes are EXPLOSIVE

This is the traditional Moroccan method to make oil, the yield is very low, the final product is not as good as ice-o-lator hash or hash extracted with hash maker it is not worth to do it !!!

Before you start, I recommend to try with very little material, this way, if for some reason you do not succeed, you will not lose big quantities of grass.

Always keep in mind the extraction ratio, every 50 grams of material, you extract 2/3 grams of oil (it depends very much on how your plants are resinous) so you should always try before you regret.

I was lucky, at the first attempt, perfect result!

Ok now let’s start with the real process, take all your material and cut it out by the length of the aluminum container and put it all in. (See Photo 1)

Photo 1

Take the alcohol and pour it into the aluminum container, be aware to cover all the material and let it rest in this condition for 8/15 hours. The more it stays the better it is (even for the final flavor) always replace with alcohol that will inevitably evaporate.

Take the oval bowl and pour in ¼ of tap water and put it on very small fire,  water does not have to boil or your black it will harden your material. It must smoke and stay at 65/75 °C.
Take your aluminum bowl and put it in oval bowl doing a water bath, the purpose is to evaporate all the alcohol contained therein. This requires at least 4 hours of cooking.

Photo 2

When you realize that alcohol is actually  70% evaporated and remains a greenish and dense liquid, it is time to pour it into the glass container properly prepared for this purpose.
Let’s put the jar in the hot water for further evaporations before. (See Photos 2)

Photo 3 Final result

Be careful not to boil it too much to avoid hardening of the dissolved resin.
I recommend you to evaporate almost all alcohol, take it off from fire when there is 5% alcol left in the glass container and let it evaporate naturally for a day or two, the flavor will be better and also the effect.

You will notice that there are water tracea after evaporating, it is not alcohol but water that condensed because the material was not completely dry. It is generally very little and can be removed gently touching the surface with an absorbent tissue.

Photo 4 How to smoke Hash Oil

The flavor must be very similar to grass, and the smoke produced by combustion must resemble the aroma of grass and Hash, the effect is absolutely cerebral 100% to try.

Some important precautions to follow:
1. Alcohol is highly flammable
2. If overheated to 95/110 ° C, it may ignite with very dangerous effects
3. The drainage operations etc. etc. should be carried without fire
4. During the process, alcohol gases are emitted and after two hours of evaporation – it is dangerous – if you the nose above the pot
5. In addition to alcohol vapors (which someone might just like to enjoy) there is the penetrating and strong odor of the resin distinguishable far away. I was very surprised so watch out the smell
6. Do not smoke ABSOLUTELY the oil with trace of alcohol, it is very dangerous for your health.
7. Do it with patience  and you will thank me, , and this little manual, guaranteed !!!



And if it was not all clear – directly from the Ketama – click and watch the video

and the Man from Morocco makes oil exactly the same as Nextghost did

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  1. Bella guida ma – se io fossi in te – quel ben di dio me lo fumerei cosi’ com’è

    chiaro che se fai il fumo partendo da materiale ottimo come quello il fumo – per venire bene – viene bene

    il problema è che poi devi rimpastare l’olio per fumarlo perche’ è troppo forte

    quindi fai tutto questo lavoro per estrarre e poi devi ri-impastare per fumare

    1. e se fumi l’erba, ti fumi il sacchettino di olio non ottieni il 10% in peso, forse il 15% se ci metti quelle belle cime

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