How to Light up Cigarette without a Lighter?

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The lighter is an extraordinary invention. At any place, at any time press a button or tear a wheel and here is the fire!

But if you do not have a lighter?

Unfortunately, there is not much to do – if you are not a wizard – but one of these methods could solve the problem

A bit of theory
To light a cigarette or a joint, you need to generate at least the temperature for the paper to ignite i.e. 220-250 degrees. Which objects generate this temperature?

There are dozens and dozens of methods to light up with the sun but do not help us if it is cloudy and in the evening.

Halogen Bulb: you can light up with a halogen spotlight – it does not have to be powerful – a 30W bulb is enough, touch the bulg with your joint, puff and that is it !

The LEDs are replacing these bulbs and the LEDs do not produce heat.

Electrical resistance
If you are at home there is a good chance that you have an electrical appliance that generates heat by means of a resistance: electric oven, toaster, hair dryer, cooking plate.

Simply turn on and when the resistance becomes red the, touch it with joint, puff and it will ignite easily.

Light up a Cigarette with 1 AA Battery and 1 Stagnum Strip

Light up a Cigarette  with an electrical socket [DANGEROUS is not worth to try ]

Make Fire with 1 Pencil and a Car Battery


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