What are the differences between Bongs and Hookahs?

From a structural point of view, the bong and the hookah are the same thing: before we inhale, the smoke is filtered by water. Both are called “water pipes”.

In reality they are not the same thing at all, in this table we summarize the differences.

Bong Hookah
Technically they are the same thing but:
Our mixture burns and we inhale the smoke that comes from combustion.
The principle is the same as to smoke a cigarette or a tobacco pipe.
The charcoals burns and hot air passes through our mixture.
It is a vaporizer that use charcoal to make hot air.
The temperature is the same as that of the tip of a  cigarette 900 °C The charcoals temperature is 450 °C and the air temperature above the coals is 135 °C
Carcinogenic substances
Smoking contains many harmful substances. Steam much less harmful substances.
How you smoke?
Smoking a bong consists of 1 shot, or at most some shots.

The smoke is short and then you re-oxygenate your blood properly.

Smoking a Hookah consists of repeated shots that you can repeat even at short intervals.

The only problem is the length of the session, when you smoke for hours even if it is not harmful, it is probably more harmful than smoking a bong that you smoke for a few seconds.

Few seconds. In a few minutes you can smoke some bongs and saturate your blood with THC, i.e. after you smoke or not you are full of THC and you do not feel the difference. Half an hour or more. Then you can refill and renew the charcoals and continue as long as you like.
Only a group of experienced smokers can appreciate smoking a bong collectively. Otherwise the Bong basically knock you down.

The bong has only 1 mouthpiece and 2 people can not smoke it together at the same time.

Smoking hookah – in the Arab world – is an important element of sociality, involving the whole family but also guests or friends who gather and spend – leisure time – smoking together.

There are hookahs with more hoses as you sit and everyone smokes from their hose.

There are places to smoke hookah precisely because the act is social. You go out to smoke an hookah and talk the same as we go to a bar to drink something.

Smoking a bong consists of 1 puff and in this puff you smoke almost what you smoke in 1 joint. In addition, the act of smoking with full lungs simply knocks you out, in English you say “Hit from the bong”. Smoking a Hookah is smoking what you put in a bong in half an hour.

The effect is moderate like that of the vaporizer to the point that for many it is not satisfactory and they continue to smoke when the vaporizer is certainly less harmful.

A beautiful place where you can smoke hookahs

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