Did You Run out of Gas? How to Light up with and Empty Lighter?

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Do you have an empty lighter? 2 ways to light up few more cigarettes

Simple Method Remove the cap and raise the flame to the maximum. You have to turn the adjuster wheel over the stop and open to the maximum and the lighter gives you some more flames.

Enlarge and Remove the cap from the lighter.

Raise the Flame to the Maximum.
Raise the spanner and move it to the left and continue to open until the white wheel rotates.

The lighter now gives you some flame  2 or 3 maximum 6.

Laborious Method it works when the lighter is completely empty!

Turn the wheel in the wrong direction and collect the flintstone dust in a paper handkerchief. The handkerchief has 4-veil, separate them, and use only 1 veil.
In the Video – magically – he grinds whole stones without effort, it is not so easy. After 20/40 turns, lightly shakes the lighter, now spins slowly the wheel without generating the spark – repeat until – in the handkerchief, there is a little of flint dust. If you add something flammable it ignites easily.
Roll the handkerchief with the dust collected in the tip
The spark is enough to penetrate the handkerchief and ignites the flintstone that ignites the handkerchief.
And now you can light up the cigarette !!!


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