2 Different Feelings: Stoned or High

Marijuana is consumed – mainly – in 2 ways and the 2 ways do lead to quite different experiences.

The first way – from Latin culture – consist in smoking hashish or weed mixed with tobacco.

The second method consists of smoking pure cannabis without tobacco and to absorb pure THC – for example by vaporizing – we might also call it medical use.

Describing the sensations is the hardest thing, let’s talk about this concept with the following table.

Words to describe the experience
Stoned, body high, couch lock High, mental high
Types of Marijuana and Hashish
Moroccan Hashish
Marijuana outdoor at full maturation
Marijuana indoor
Early harvest marijuana
Half way
Black type Hashish
Marijuana indoor 100% indica
Almost all of the outdoor marijuana cultivated in Europe and USA
Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan USA and medical use of marijuana
How do you smoke
Mixed with tobacco Pure in cigarette,bongs or vaporizer
Words to describe the high
Physical, corporal Mental, cerebral, energetic, ecstatic
Marijuana comes from the east and in the east, they invented the flying carpets.

Because of the feelings that are felt after a proper smoking session. A Joint is not enough, you need to smoke the all evening.

Lester Grinspoon’s First Experience Smoking Pure Cannabis […] We were cautious, as cannabis-naive people should be, as we inhaled our first tokes ever. Shortly afterward my first and only unpleasant cannabis experience began. A lit joint was passed around a small circle and we inhale big puffs and holding them in for a few seconds. One by one the others said they had had enough and waved off the passing joint; they were high, or at least claimed to be. I asked Betsy, “Do you feel anything?”

“Not a thing!”

“Neither do I.”

Typical differences
Loss of short memory

Incapacity to write or coordinate movements.

Many users smoke to sleep


In the USA and Northern Europe, some computer programmers use pure marijuana and coffee and work in a super-lucidity state

When you smoke a joint in Amsterdam: just after it, you want to make another joint.

After smoking Amsterdam’s indoor strains with high TCH, it can be difficult to fall asleep.

Indica & Sativa

Cannabis sativa can not achieve full maturation in Europe or in the USA, it can not be mature when you harvest it, so it is said to give you a cerebral high. In contrast, the Indica coming from the Hindukush mountains reaches full maturation and it gives a body high.

Sativa comes from South East Asia – where in 1 year – you never wear a long sleeve shirt, there is no hot water tap, no windows needed, it needs the  9 months long summer and grows high 4- 5 meters.

If sativa reaches full maturation the high is a body high exactly as that of an indica.

Thai sticks – in the sixties – did gain a reputation because of the amazing high, and people still remember them after 50+ years. This is the real marijuana, the other is medical cannabis.

Terpenes and CBD

If you are interested in how Terpenes and CBD can influence the High, Doctor Grinspoon discuss the Therapeutic Ensemble.

We do not consider this important for recreational cannabis smokers, for the best effect you need only properly mature cannabis.


Arjan Roskam of Greenhouse Coffe-shop Amsterdam, Jorge Cervantes , Ed Rosenthal – all – say that the best marijuana is organic and outdoor. But the great Wiz Khalifa smokes indoor grass, it is all about tastes and how and when you smoke. If you smoke 24 hours a day – and maybe you have to do something – better then to smoke indoor grass, if you smoke in the evening to fly high and then sleep better Marijuana outdoor, Charas or Moroccan hashish.


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